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THE BLUE MAN by Sue Lumb

This is the beautiful Isle of Man

Dalby Isle of Man

It’s not surprising that my writing draws upon the nature of the sea. I have lived on the Isle of Man for many years. Its beauty and ever transforming landscape are a constant inspiration.


The Blue Man is a Sci Fi story, full of mystery, fantasy, alien abduction and much more!

A brief introduction

When a scientist falls overboard during a storm he has an underwater encounter with an inexplicable phenomenon. This has a profound and devastating effect. He finds himself in an intimate relationship, not only with the inhabitants of a remote Island who rescue him, but also with the creature he encountered. It begins to pursue him with a vengeance and whilst trying to understand it, he discovers the legend of the Blue Man recounts similar experiences. The narrative swoops from our world to another, revealing the existence of other beings and their cultures. As we become more familiar with these aliens we learn that they are desperately trying to avert a looming disaster on their planet.

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Recent Book Reviews

Recent Review from Good Reads by Angela Martin

I’m usually not a big sci-fi reader, but this book was very intriguing. It’s actually one of the most interesting and captivating sci-fi novels I’ve read in a while; it only took me a day to finish. It was easy to get lost in the book!

Overall, I think this is a great sci-fi book, and I recommend it to anyone looking to branch to the genre or those who just love it! I personally really enjoyed the author’s writing style as well.

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